As an eCommerce business, we recognise our responsibility to our customers and to the environment when refining our business processes. A small but important step is ensuring we uphold ethical and environmentally conscious business decisions, is the adoption of 100% compostable mail bags via Hero Packaging
Our new compostable mail bags are padded to ensure we deliver your Spice to you safely and in the same condition it was packed by our caring team.

The padding is made from 70%-80% PBAT – a biodegradable co-polymer, and 20%-30% PLA – biodegradable refined cornstarch. 

Simply cut them up and use them as brown materials in their compost bin. They will take up to 150 days to break down in regular home settings. 


Our sustainability goes a step further with the materials we choose to use and their longevity in your wardrobe. Buy better, buy less. Find out more here.


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